Life Throes

Attack on Dire Wolf

October 5

Quietly the group decides on a plan of attack. They decide to target the alpha, as injuring or killing him will cause chaos with the rest of the pack. Qiandai and Sophia took the high ground climbing a couple trees. Volker and Lou got as close as they dared, hiding behind two more trees. Once everyone was into position they attacked.

Qiandai cast lullaby. The dire wolves become drowsy right away. Everyone attacks the alpha as planned. Arrows and magic fly toward him, none hitting their mark. The wolves flee, slowed and confused by Qiandai’s spell they do not scatter, and instead they ran single file away from their attackers.

Qiandai cast sleep on the alpha wolf. It falls. Once Volker catches up to the sleeping wolf he drives a dagger into it’s neck. The rest of the group attacks the next wolf all of them missing. Volker ices the path of the second wolf, and the wolf slams into a tree; Lou charges and kills him.

The last two wolves shake off the effects of the lullaby, and are too far ahead to chase after. So the party decides to cut their losses and count their gains. They clean and skin the wolves, storing the meat away as best they can, and begin to make their way to the City of Abbe.

By nightfall, the party reaches the edge of the forest and decide to make camp. Wisely, they each take a watch shift. About thirty minutes into the third shift Qiandai here’s a low growl just outside her field of vision. She begins to sing softly, trying to wake her comrades.

As they begin to rise, the beast charges. The great animal brings its jaw, almost as large as Qiandai, to bear on the gnome. The dire wolf’s tear into her blue flesh, and she goes down. She is able to keep her senses and stave off passing out, but only just.

The others are up and converge on the dire wolf in a furry. To protect their friend, all three press the attack, stabbing, slashing, casting with everything they have. Qiandai scoots away during the flurry, leaving a trail of blood behind her. The wolf bites wildly at everyone it can reach, but it is unable to do any damage. Unsure of who struck the final blow, the wolf dies screaming.

The group takes a moment to catch their wits. Sophia patches up Qiandai’s wounds as best she can. Lou looks over his armor, sighing at it’s inadequacy. Volker consoles Qiandai, and maybe himself a little bit. Qiandai just thanks her lucky stars to be alive. The all decide that is enough sleeping for the night. They make their way into Abbe, slowed some by Qiandai, but she toughs out the pain.

They get to Abbe around mid-morning. With indomitable spirit, Qiandai decides she wants to visit some magic shops around the bazaar. Lou and Volker go off to sell their hides and shop for armor. Sophia decides wander a bit.

Lou and Volker are able to haggle a hefty price for the hides. Enough that his share alone buys him some well made banded armor. Qiandai finds a quaint little shop ran by a nice man. She looks through his baubles, and finds a great treasure in what she knows to be the Horn of Valhalla. Far out of her price range she buys a simple deck of illusions.

Sophia finds herself wandering the back alleys of the market district. With an unusual lack of awareness she steps in some form of excrement. Her exclamation of disgust is overheard by two people talking, all hush hush like, down the alley, a human and a kobold. Before they overheard Sophia she realizes the kobold was speaking of a ‘coming storm.’ They rush off once they’ve been spotted, the kobold in one direction the human in another. Sophia follows the human.

She climbs atop a building to follow from above. He whips around and aims a crossbow at her.



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