Life Throes

Magic and Reconnaissance

1 October

After much deliberation, everyone decided it would be a good idea to attempt to retrieve their belongs. At mention of this a scrawny Human named Carl spoke up telling the party that he could help them. After Carl claims knowledge of powerful magic, they were skeptical. Talking amongst themselves they decided they didn’t have much choice but to trust him, and if he was lying, he wouldn’t be hard to subdue anyway.
Sophia decided to do some recon around the area before they walked into camp. While she was gone the others decided to tend to the group of escaping, mending wounds and quelling fears.

Sophia found it easy to gather intel as the war camp seemed to be completely deserted. Even more disturbing was the banners that flew. Sophia recognized most of them, but there were some she didn’t. All of them in one place is something Sophia would have said was impossible had she not been looking at it here and now. Some these had been warring since the beginning of history, and now here they were together.

Sophia entered the camp. As she got closer to the center of camp she found where all of the troops had gone. They were all standing at the top of a small hill. She was too far away to see what was going on, and she could only see what had to be a fraction of the population amassed here. She decided to keep her distance.
During her search Sophia found what looked like an officer’s tent. Looking around she found mostly maps, nothing she didn’t already know about the area. There were also some marching orders, commanding this officer’s troop the camp. One thing of interest was a dagger, it shone like new.

Finally she found where the kobolds were keeping their confiscated loot. There were storage tents with all kinds of things thrown into it haphazardly, just left to sit. And of course they were the tents closes to the prisoner tents, the only guarded place left in camp. She quickly finds her long bow and the rest of things and sneaks back out of camp.
Meeting back up with Qiandai and Volker she found they were ready to go. Carl and Timmy the Barbarian had also volunteered to help. Sophia positions herself on a cliff overlooking the valley to cover the others with her longbow. Qiandai, Volker, Timmy, and Carl attempt to sneak past the guards, but they soon realize the Timmy is not the stealthiest person. When the guards are alerted to their presence Qiandai jumps on Timmy’s back to engage them while Volker and Carl retrieve their things from the tent.

The kobolds attacked in a wedge formation. Qiandai and Tim are able to hold them off, while arrows almost as long as the kobolds themselves rain down from above. Once they find their things Volker and Carl exit the tent, Volker to assist the battle and Carl begins to dig through his bag, shoulder deep.

Tim takes a hit from a kobold spear, and his eyes fill with bloodlust. Knocking Qiandai off his shoulders he swings his greatclub so fast it might as well have been a sword, cutting through three kobolds. At the same time an arrow skewers another kobold, crown to asshole.

Carl finds what he is looking for. Volker realizes it is a spell scroll. Carl begins to recite the spell, and the scroll burst into flames. He puts his hand to the ground, and the ground begins to sink, causing an avalanche on all sides.

They run. Qiandai hops back on Tim, and they all begin to ascend the oncoming landslide. Timmy is able to hop along the rocks almost effortlessly, Carl struggles a bit but gains his footing and is able to navigate the debris, but Volker slips. He is almost caught, but in the nick of time Timmy is able to pull him from the crumbling stone. Around them they see the valley crumble into itself. From her vantage point Sophia watches a chuck of the massed kobolds sink into the earth.

At the tree line they meet back with Sophia and the rest of the prisoners.



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