Life Throes

The First Day

1 October

Everyone woke at roughly the same time. Sophia first, she felt like she was rising up only to open her eyes to darkness. She was blindfolded and bound, and when she tried to move she bumped into a groaning body behind her.

Volker woke when he felt something bump into him. He found himself also bound, but when he tried to wiggle out of his restraints they snaped right off.

When Qiandai woke she wanted to take a moment and let the senses she could use tell her what they could about her surronding. Except one of the people next to her snaps off her bounds. So she takes off her blindfold and sees an old man breaking the binds of other prisoners.

Qiandai was on the opposite side of the other two. When they began to bicker with each other she lept over the rest of the prisoners, and landed next to them.

The three of them quickly took control of the situation, calming their fellow prisoners as they woke up. Qiandai, ever curious, stuck her head out the tent opening to get the lay of the land, and surpirsed the two kobolds standing guard outside their tents. They took stabs at her with their spears as she swept back into the tent, the kobolds following.

Immediately entering into an close quarters melee Sophia grabed the spear of the nearest kobold. They grappled for a few seconds until Qiandai offered her assiatance and they managed to pull the spear away and stab him with it.

The second kobold was dealt with by Volker, whom decided to touch the kobold with a freezing spell. The lizard-man was then finished off by a groutesquely large human, offering his assistance in way of punches.

The bodies hidden and looted Sophia crept out for a little reconissance. The first thing she noticed was that what looked like a kobold army camp was completely deserted. There were tents of all different sizes, but there were no troops. She snuck over to the nearest tent and cut a small slit with her new short spear. In that tent there were more prisoners of all different sapient speices waking up same as in their tent.

Once back with her comrades, and after much deliberation, they decided to try freeing the prisoners. It wasn’t going to be easier. There were at least nine other prisoner tents, most likely guarded. In fact, when Sophia stuck her head out again she saw one kobold scurry off towards the middle of camp.

Regardless of opposition, they decided to go for it.

The new comrades made a break for it. The occupants of the next tent were already figuring out they could escape.

Sophia headed off the group. She slashed at tents with out even stopping. She passed the third tent so quickly she swooped by the guards. He friends were right behind her but losing distance. By the fourth tent she was able to open it up but was cut off by tweleve guards forming a phalanx in order to stop the assualt.

Now being flanked by a phalanx on one side and three more kobolds on another the team decided to cut their loses and run for the woods with the other prisoners.

Sophia grabbed another spear of one attacking kobold. Volker threw up a light spell to distract the three rear attackers. Qiandai cast an illusionary voice spell to sound like a dragon catching every kobold in ear shot off guard. The three booked it, merging with the mass of runners beelining for the trees.

As they looked back they saw the rest of the kobolds begin to slaughter any straglers they could reach, and cut off the escape of everyone now behind their line.



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