Life Throes


October 6

The human shoots at Sophia more to distract than to kill, but she is able to deftly jump from roof to roof as she dodges the bolts. Until she hits a slippery shingle and slips off the edge, catching herself before she hits the ground. She jumps down and continues pursuit just in time to see the human enter the backdoor of a shop.

Careful when she followed, she checked the windows in the alley. She saw no one inside. Quietly as she could she steps inside. The moment she opens the door she is blasted with the smell of new leather and stain. She looks around at the old tannery equipment, thinking the human might be hiding among the shelves.

As she creeps along she can hear two men out front who seem to be haggling. They do not seem to notice her or the other guy before her. After searching the entire storeroom the human is not found.

What Sophia does find is an unlocked trap door. Opening the door it look like a bottomless pit. She can not see the bottom. She attaches a length of rope to a hook at the top of the whole, climbs down, and at the end of the fifty foot rope can only just now see the bottom with her torch. Deciding it’s best to have some back up, she returns to the market square.

Regrouped and debriefed, the group decides a party name. They decide to call themselves the What the Friends Adventuring Group, or WTF Group for short.

Before WTF moves out Qiandai runs back to the shop with her share of the wolf pelt money. She buys the Horn of Valhalla, and when she returns to her friends she shows off the silver horn. Tells them it’s a powerful magic item that can summon barbarians to fight for them.

WTF group decides on a plan of action. The head down to the city walls to inform the City Guard of the impending kobold attack. Mostly, they just get in the way. The guards know of the attack, and are a little offended that this group of people would think the Guard so inept they don’t know about the largest gathering of kobolds in history massing less than a week away from the city gates.

After that debacle, Sophia show the group the way to the tanner’s shop, and the trap door leading underneath the city. As they walk Qiandai fawns over her new horn, and Volker wonders if the barbarians will be sexy.

They are able to tie their ropes together to reach the bottom of the pit. As they slowly make their way down Lou, the last to climb down, begins to slip. He slams into Qiandai who, in turn, slams into Volker. They slip down the rope almost falling to their deaths,’ but at the last second they are able to catch themselves only sustaining minimal damage.

The hole lead down into a tunnel. Sophia can tell which way the human went, but the tracks are not super fresh anymore. There is nothing else down there except a eighty foot length of rope coiled up underneath just below the hole in the ceiling. Sophia grabs it up, and they all begin walking in the direction of the tracks.

WTF walks for hours, most of the day they figure. The tunnels gradually become less muddy and wet, and start to look like they may be intelligently made, but Sophia can’t tell since the tunnel is made out of limestone these might still be natural caverns.

They come to several forks in the road, taking the left way each time. Mostly out of consistency, because the ground is hard enough here that they have lost the human’s trial. Then Sophia sees a light source up ahead. There are two torches hanging on the walls. They don’t hear or see anyone, but they walk cautious all the same. Once they get to the torches they can see two more torches a ways up.

They move cautiously, unsure of what they will find in the light. The farther they go the more torches there are. They are lining the halls and lead to a fork with four different pathways that has unmistakably been altered.

They again take the left most path. Down this way the torches been to get farther apart until they are gone completely. Moving as quietly as they can with all of their gear they feel the tunnel start to rise. They stop when they hear a noise up ahead of them.

There are two kobolds sleeping, leaning up against the wall. It appears they are guarding another exit. WFT try to slink away before the kobolds notice they are there, but Lou trips over himself, and his armor clangs up and down the halls as he falls to the ground.

The kobolds attack, they advance on the party, but they are dealt with in short order. They are dead before Lou has regained his footing. There was nothing much around the kobolds, except another rope below the opening in the ceiling.

As they finish inspecting the area the hatch at the top of the tunnel opens. Two voices yell down for the rope. Sophia asks her friends if the people up there want them to throw the rope to them, and almost as if the rope was listening to her it begins to rise up. It goes up and coils itself around an eyelet just under the hatch. Two humans in similar looking robes begin to descend into the tunnel.

Even though they could see what was coming half way down the rope the two humans had no choice but to let their attackers get the drop on them. WTF had positioned themselves in a flanking maneuver with two people on each side of the humans. They tried their best to fend off the party, but were bested quickly and tied up.

The What the Friends Adventuring Group tried to show the humans mercy. Even going so far as to tie them up and bring them with them, but the ruckus the prisoners made was liable to alert every person in the area, topside and down. They were being kept alive because WTF wanted answers as to what was going on in these tunnels and what all this had to do with the kobold army.

They threaten the humans with torture. They warned them they would turn them into the city guard. They tried everything they could think of to get them to talk, but the humans’ resolve was strong, and when it became clear they were not going to let the group travel quiet they killed the humans.

Now unburdened, they decided to continue exploring the caves. They head back toward the torches. Down one hall they found what appeared to be barracks, they steered clear of them, because they appeared to be occupied. Down the next hall, they find only a single room. Two incredibly large wooden doors closed at the end of the short tunnel.

Sophia cracks the door and peaks her head inside. Six skeletons guard an even larger stone door, this one with writing on it. Volker take a quick look. He doesn’t really understand the marking too deeply, but he does know that this is a prison spell of some kind. Those door have been made to keep something in.



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