A Word from Your DM.

Worldbuiding is a monumental endeavor. My goal with this campaign is to build a immersive setting via a ‘deep not wide’ philosophy. I will use Earth’s geology/cosmology and the English language. I will use an narrowed list of races, and only DnD magic (with the exception of some homebrew magic items, should the PCs find them). Combat mechanics will be streamlined as I we will not be using minis or battle grids.

What I will focus on is philosophy, religion, and politics of the world.My goal is to make these important parts of interpersonal relations as complex, realistic, and multidimensional as I can. Hopefully, doing so without making them convoluted and boring.

From that point forward I will turn the game over to the players to drive story, and allow them to shape those aspects of the world on whatever scale they choose.

And without further ado: the story of What the Friends Adventuring Group.

Life Throes

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