Level 2 Half-elf Sorcerer


STR- 10 DEX- 14 CON- 14 INT- 15 WIS- 11 CHA- 16

AC- 12 HP-10

Fortitude- 2 Reflex- 2 Will- 3

Base attack bonus- 1
Weapons: Spear- range 20 ft, 1d6, critical x3 Dagger- 1d4, critical 19-20 x2

Level 0 (5)- Dancing Lights, Message, Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Ray of Frost
Level 1 (3)- Magic Missile, Mage Armor, Chill Touch

Negotiator- +2 Diplomacy, Sense Motive

Racial/Class Traits/Features:
Immune to sleep spells- Half-Elf
+2 to saving rolls on enchantment spells or effects-Half-Elf
Low-light vision- Half-Elf
+2 Diplomacy and Gather Information- Half-Elf
+1 Listen, Search, and Spot- Half-Elf

Familiar- Raven


Abandoned at his human father’s doorstep as an infant, Volker knows next to nothing about his Elven heritage other than the few bits of information his father shared with him. The village where Volker lived was generally wary of his presence, even more so when his inherent magical abilities began to manifest, causing a few incidents of property destruction. Volker’s father was respected enough by the community to dissuade any action being taken against him, however. A former monk, Volker’s father aided him in controlling his magic through physical training and meditation, and taught him the philosophy behind the way of the monk. One particularly fierce winter, bandits came upon the village, deciding to take the community hostage and weather out the winter with the town’s resources. Volker’s father confronted the bandits, attempting to intervene, and was killed. When Volker discovered his father’s death, he lost control of his magic and slaughtered the bandits, but destroyed a portion of the village in the process. Without his father’s reputation to protect him, Volker was exiled and ended up wandering the wilderness for a time, fending for himself while practicing his magical abilities far from civilization, where it would be safer.

Let me know if any of this needs to be changed according to the world’s lore, or if there are any suggestions!


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