Life Throes

An Afternoon at the Library

October 6

Sophia decides at least one person should stay with the angel. So, the What the Friends Adventuring Group slip up. Qiandai and Lou Dromat volunteer to stay, and Sophia and Volker decide to explore. They head down the last fork in the tunnel.

The first door Sophia and Volker come to is unlocked. Sophia cracks it open. Inside is a library, there are tables and shelves stacked with books, some look like they haven’t been touched in decades. Volker seems intrigued, but Sophia decides there is nothing of interest here and moves on. Although he agrees that nothing in there will help their mission at the moment, Volker makes a note to tell Qiandai about the library, as there might be something in there worth finding.

They make their way down the hall until the find another door. Sophia finds more jail bars. These, however, have no enchantments, and they are holding humans, about twenty of them, chained to the wall. Volker walks in, Sophia stands guard in the hall, and the prisoners flinch at every movement he makes. He tries to calm their fears and maybe get some information from them, but they are all too skittish to speak. After awhile he finally gets one person to spit out they don’t remember what happened to them, they just woke up and they were bound and jailed. Volker finds that to be an all too familiar story.

Sophia, just outside the door, hears footfalls, faint but coming toward them. She pokes her head out and sees a human, dressed in the same robes as the sorcerers they encounter at the cave’s exit, walk down the hall. He enters the library.

Back in the angel’s prison, Qiandai and Lou sitting around in the front room, where small rivers of kobold blood run along the floor. Qiandai decides to take a nap and lays down to sleep. After ten minutes she decides to get up and leave to investigate the caves. As they are walking out the room she receives a telepathic message from Volker informing her of the human prisoners. She decides following them is a good a way to go as any. Lou follows.

Sophia sees them turn down the hallway and find their way into the library. She sighs to herself. She gets Volker’s attention to tell him she needs to warn the others about the sorcerer that enter the library a little bit ago. Volker assures the prisoners he will return, and while he is doing that Sophia sees hear the sound of stone on stone, moving and getting closer.

Volker and Sophia rush back into the library. Sophia makes note of the fact that there are now candles lit. Lou is standing there, but Qiandai is gone. She has made her way down the rows of bookshelves. Sophia goes to find her, and she finds her climbing on one of the bookshelves, flipping through different books and scrolls.

There is a crash. Sophia rushes to see a gargoyle barreling down the aisle, right toward them. Qiandai climbs up. Sophia bolts for the other end of the aisle. The gargoyle barrels around the corner. Lou, who was able to come up behind it, swings his greatsword, missing. Sophia fires an arrow, hitting it square but not doing much. Qiandai jumps over to the next shelf, and the gargoyle swipes at her, only just missing.

Volker, on the other side of the room having backed away when he saw the gargoyle, encounters the sorcerer, who seems just as surprised as he does. That does not stop him from extending a hand that looks to be shrouded in black dust. Volker fires a ray of frost, but not before the sorcerer is able to touch him with the black hand. Pain sears through Volker’s shoulder and he fires another ray of frost killing the sorcerer. All the while, the others continue to assault the gargoyle, hitting it with weapons and magic, finally pummeling it into pebbles.

Exhausted and wounded, the WTF group decides they need to regroup, and head back to the angel’s prison. Where they find him dead, his throat cut.



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