Life Throes

Thanking Mr Skeltal

October 6

Qiandai sings a lullaby, but none of the skeletons move until Sophia steps into the room, and in unison all six skeletons draw scimitars. Sophia steps to the right, Volker and Lou Dromat follow. Qiandai stays behind the door threshold and casts sleep. Three skeletons immediately fall down. The others are made quick work of, Lou and Volker destroy the first, Lou’s sword, without missing a beat, turns the second’s lower vertebra into powder, cutting it in half, and Sophia puts an arrow into the sternum of the third.
p. While the other three skeletons are asleep, they deliver a coup de grace to each, scattering bones across the floor. At the precise moment their weapons land the walls around them begin to shake. Seeming to originate from the other side of the stone door, it feels like something is trying pull the city down on top of them.

With the guards out of the way-and the bodies looted, the What the Friends Adventuring Group turns their attention toward the stone door. Volker inspects the sigils more closely. He’s surprised to find the spell to be fairly rudimentary, considering what he suspects to be imprisoned behind it. He determines it should be fairly easy to open. The walls again shudder violently.

Lou tries simply opening the door and pushes on it, but he realizes it pulls open when he sees the hinges on the outside. He takes one of the scimitars looted off again-dead skellys, and with great effort, lifts the massive hinge pins out. It takes the combine strength of WTF to knock the door down, but with an incredible crash and a lot of dust the it topples.

As the dust settles a figure comes into view. A male humanoid with silver hair, and porcelain white skin caked in dirt sits bended knee. His hands are bound above his head with chains that could hold a team of elephants, and in front of him are steel bars with a single gate. The man thrashes on the chains, causing another earthquake. As he moves the group can see two long gashes down his back, which confirm Volker’s suspicions that this was the angel meant to rendezvous with Archon.

WTF inspects the door to the cell. The sigils on this one are indecipherable to Volker, and he asked the angel if he knows what they say or if he can break them. The angel replies that it is strong magic and he would need to read the sigils to know how they work, but the chains will not let him reach.

The hinges on this door do not budge, and the group tries slamming everything they can against the lock on the door to open it. It does nothing but dull another scimitar and splinter a crossbow bolt. Even when Volker freezes the lock nothing happens.

Volker has an idea that maybe the scroll Archon gave him could help them break the lock. Unfortunately, just as he mage hands it over to the angel two squads of kobolds attack. The others move quickly to engage the kobolds to let Volker concentrate on holding the scroll. The angel begins reading as fast as he can, but he seems to have trouble with it.

The three others take positions behind the fallen door, both to create a choke point and to use the door as an obstacle the kobolds have to over come. One squad advances on the door and the other takes a defensive position around the outer, wooden door. The advancing kobolds are made short work of. The ones who make it past Sophia’s longbow are subjected to Lou greatsword, and Qiandai decides to test out her new deck of cards. She draws the Three of Spades and tosses it out between the WTF and the last remaining kobold in the advancing party. Three large, bearded clerics appear out of thin air and begin to sing a chorus of hymns which unnerves the lone kobold, and he flees just quick enough that he others can not slaughter him as he passes.

Before the next squad even has time to prepare for the attack, in secession: Sophia puts and arrow through the eye of one, Qiandai a bolt through the eye of another, and even Volker casts a ray of frost through the doorway turning another one into a lizard-sicle. Lou charges the last two with such force he runs the kobold through the gut, to the hilt. Keep his momentum he swings his greatsword with the grace normally found in a rapier wielder and cleaves the last kobold clean through the midsection. And three kobold pieces fly into the corner.
p. Back at the cell, the angel is able to tell the scroll details extremely advanced magic and is difficult to read. However, it is a spell of some type of item summoning, and it will not help them open the doors. In his anger the angel once again pulls on his chains looking to bring the whole place down. Volker wonders what a angel’s penis looks like, though he is unable to get a glimpse as he thrashes.

Lou wonders if they might be able to dissolve the bars, and he brings in one of the kobold stomach to cut open. But before he is able some blood drips on the bars and the sigils written on them begin to glow. As the eureka moment dawns, they each grab a dead kobold body and throw as much blood onto the cell wall as they can. The lock clicks.

Volker inspects the humongous chains and is once again unable to understand the sigils. The angel informs him that the chains are even more advanced then the cell wall was and would take true death to unlock.

The What the Friends group decides that should be easy enough. They promise the angel they shall return, and go out in search of another kobold to slaughter.



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